What is 8D Music Studio?

8D Music Studio is a free app for iOS and Android created by 8D Records.


With 8D Music Studio, anyone can easily make 8D music and get it released through 8D Records on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and over 150 more digital streaming stores.


We have hundreds of 8D samples to choose from including drums, bass, guitars, pianos and much more. No matter what combination of samples you choose, your song will sound amazing.

What is 8D music?

8D music is a new technology that has been created to give the listener a more immersive experience and provides full 360 degree sound and you will hear sounds behind, above, below and in front of you while wearing headphones.

How do I make a song?

Watch this instruction video to see how easy it is to create an 8D song using 8D Music Studio.    

How do I get my song on Spotify, Apple Music & streaming stores?

Once you have created a song in 8D Music Studio, press save. Then press the 8D button next to your song and complete the form to submit it for release on the digital streaming stores.