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8D is a brand new way for listeners to enjoy music using headphones. It takes them on an auditory experience that's more immersive and interactive than traditional stereo sound.

examples of 8d audio

I Am Daylight - 2020 (8D MIX)
I Am Daylight2020 (8D MIX)
Ben Potter - Comforter (8D Mix)
Ben PotterComforter (8D Mix)
Jane - OMX (8D Mix)
JaneOMX (8D Mix)

Benefits Of Having 8D Mix

Increase your Spotify, Apple Music and other digital store streams by up to 60%

Boost your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media views of your songs with an 8D mix.‚Äč

Take your listeners to the next dimension with 8D. so they hear sound from every direction!

How it works

1. Send Us Your Song

2. Our professional engineers will mix your song in 8D

3. Get your 8D song back within 3 days!

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