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8D Records are looking for new artists in all genres to add to their roster. 8D audio is a new way of listening to music through headphones and creates an immersive surround sound experience for the listener. We are looking to release an 8D remix of your song through our label, you still have the rights of the original song.

If you’re an artist and want your music heard by millions of people, then 8D Records is the place for you!

Complete the form below for us to listen to one of your songs and if we like it, we’ll be in touch!

What you get

  • We will create an 8D mix of your song.
  • The 8D song will be released on Spotify, Apple Music and over 150 digital music stores.


8D music is a new form of music that has been gaining popularity. It is different from traditional forms of music because it uses binaural beats to create an immersive sound experience for the listener using headphones. When listeners hear 8D sound, it's like they're right there with you.

8D Music Example

I Am Daylight - 2020 (8D MIX)
I Am Daylight2020 (8D MIX)